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"Thomas and the Ghostrider"
Season 1, Episode 9
Production Code: 1-109
Airdate: 2 February 2007
Writer(s): Lukester Farrell
Director(s): Lukester Farrell
Storyboards by: Lukester Farrell
Music by: Patrick Carid
Episode Guide
"Percy Leaves Sodor"
"Percy and Cupid"

"Thomas and the Ghostrider" is the ninth episode of season 1 and of Thomas the Model Railway Engine, where Thomas been hypnotist by the ghost rider.

Plot Edit

Part 1 Coming Soon...

Part 2 Coming Soon...

Part 3 Coming Soon...

Season 1
Thomas’ First DayPercy and StepneyGordon vs. DarrelGordon, James and the ScrapyardThe Red ControllerThe Monster Under the ShedJames the April Fools JerkPercy Leaves SodorThomas and the GhostriderPercy and Cupid

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